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Ronnie Lynn

Ronnie is a proud Metis lady that was born in BRITISH COLUMBIA and currently resides in Aldergrove BC. Ronnie has had many interesting jobs over the years, she worked many years in the carnival business growing up and traveling all over Canada and USA, so travel has a big love her in her life. After a time of going to college to get her education she started working in the non-profit sector working with women and children seeking supportive services. When it was time for a career change, she decided to open a flower shop and has a love of nature and natural products. She has a kind and easygoing personality that loves working with the public. Her interests lead to aromatherapy and also working in tradeshows. She studied and created the “Little Jar of WOW" it is an All natural multi use product that gets INSTANT RESULTS in seconds.

Leather, Vinyl, Wood, Shoes, Jackets, Boots, Purses, Wallets, Furniture, Vehicle Detailing, Motorcycles, Saddles and Tack, Sporting Equipment, Boats, RVS, AVTS, Dry Hands, Cracked Heels, and so much Cleans, Conditions, Revives, Restores and Waterproofs.

WIPE IT ON & WIPE IT OFF. It’s that easy. It will revive and restore your items back to the original state in just seconds.

We like to Thank you for your business as without you there is no us.

We look forward to you using our product and hearing how you have used it.

We are a family run Canadian business. We are based in Aldergrove BC.

We take pride in our packaging by being made with all recyclable items and we use recycled paper for our labels. Please re use the containers for your personal use after you haver finished with the product. Our website is on every jar for your reordering convenience. 

Little Jar of wow Ingredient are all natural.

made with coconut oil, vitamin E oil, Avocado oil, essential oils.

beeswax. we source our products locally.